Cultural Venues

Throughout the historic old Venetian

harbor of Chania


The goal is to expand the festival throughout the city of Chania, with readings and activities taking place in bookstores, libraries, and open spaces, so that gradually, during the days of the festival, the city comes alive for it.

A deeper objective is to promote a love for reading and familiarize everyone with the subject of "books," so that it becomes part of the daily life of as many citizens as possible.

  • Big Arsenal

    The architecture of the building moves both lovers and scholars of architectural history, as well as any pedestrian who happens to pass in front of it. The arched passageways, the ornate sheds, the sturdy construction with carved sandstone and the art of masonry throughout the building, dominate the heart of the Old Venetian Harbour.
  • Yali Mosque

    The "rich" mosque, as the word yallie in Turkish means rich, was the work of an Armenian architect who had built another similar one in the village of Spaniako in Selinos. The mosque, in the courtyard of which there were palm trees and tombs of Pasha and Yenitsar, stopped operating in 1923 and today it has been restored to serve as a venue for events.
  • Mikis Theodorakis Theatre

    The Old Customs House was restored and equipped under the relevant action of the Operational Programme ESPA 2007-2013 for Crete and the Aegean Islands, entitled: "Sustainability and Quality of Life in the Region of Crete".
  • Philological Association "Chrysostomos"

    Spiritual and cultural association not only of the city of Chania, but also of the whole of Crete. In the renovated space of the Association, lectures, honorary events for prominent people of letters and arts, musical events and art exhibitions are held. The contribution of the Philological Society "Chrysostomos" to the intellectual, social and general cultural movement of the city has been and still is significant.